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    8:30AM Jan 16th 2017, Hebei Yiheng Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as “Yiheng Tech”) all the staff together held a grand meeting of the working Conference in 2016 and  work plans in 2017. General Manager Mr. Jiqin Zhao, Executive Deputy General Manager Mr. Zhenwu Hou, Chief Engineer Mr. Junchang Zhang and the other Leaders attended the meeting.


The meeting was presided over by Mr. Zhenwu Hou, Executive Deputy General Manager. Mr. Zhao Jiqin, General Manager, firstly communicate the best wishes to all of the workers on behalf of Ms. Zhang Jie, chairman and Mr. Feng Junzhi, CEO of the company, then delivered an important speech summarizing the work in 2016. Mr. Zhao made a summing up in the past Year of 2016. In the past year, Yiheng Tech completed bulk sales and installation of the intelligent Assembly Line, Three-Stage Automatic Laminator and a series of new Products through unremitting efforts of all staffs, exceeding the company's performance targets.

At the same time, Mr. Zhao had a strong emphasis on the fierce competition and differentiated in the current market, Yiheng employees should be profound knowledge, team work, combined with their own advantages in resources, to enhance the technological driving force and market combat effectiveness. At the end of the Meeting, Mr. Zhao expressed the hope that all departments Managers should make reasonable efforts in coordinating the work of the department and rational use of personnel. Grass-roots employees should conscientiously implement the proposals, and point out that the central objective is to achieve good results and maximize the benefits of the Company.

Finally, Mr. Zhao put forward the strategic planning and sales targets in 2017. At the same time, in the new year of 2017, all staffs of the company must carry forward the whole team spirit, team work, do better work in 2017!


Subsequently, Mr. Zhenwu Hou, Executive Deputy General Manager announced that " Dream of sailing, Win the war year of chicken " 2017 Yiheng Tech’s Chinese New Year party 2017 officially began!

The New Year Party of 2017 was opened through the two hosts of the debut.

There were wonderful folk solo, modern interpretation Beijing Opera, flute harmony, Beijing rhyme lengthy, sing the spring tide to welcome the New Year coming!

Yiheng Tech New Year Party—Quintessence VS Folk Music Feast


 There were the most cool pop song employee show, tastes, climax after another!

Yiheng Tech New Year Party—Wonderful moments


Popular dance of funny dance string --- "What happened to small chicken", full feed point, the audience laughter cheers continuous.

During the Party, Ms. Jie Zhang, Chairman and Mr. Shanglin Shi, General Manager of SunSpark (the branch Company of Yiheng Tech) brought all employees of Sunspark from America to convey their  New Year blessing through the form of video, the Party was to a climax!

During the Party, the colorful games made the atmosphere lively, and the lucky ones wined their wonderful game prizes. 

Yiheng Tech New Year Party—Rich prizes and heavy red envelopes

During the Lucky Draw, Company Leadership and employees had a family interaction, especially the first prize and the Grand Prize also won the scene red envelopes reward from general manager, minutes of surprise continues!

Finally, Ms. Ping Li, Chairman of the Labor Union, thanked the leaders and all staffs of the Company for their support and participation in the preparatory work for the annual meeting. She wished to make great achievements and great success in the new year 2017!

All the actors took pictures together to celebrate the successful conclusion of the annual meeting!


In a solid, struggle in the footsteps, Yiheng People achieved a comprehensive victory in Year 2016 with extraordinary wisdom, to not up to the purpose of the spirit of never give up, go all out and move forward! 

All the way through the trials and hardships, thanks to all People of Yiheng’s hard to pay, but also to thanks for the support partners! In Year 2017, let us go hand in hand; take full confidence in the future! Let us as in one from top to bottom, through thick and thin, made Yiheng People to create greater glories in Year 2017!