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January 3, 2017, the beginning of the New Year, Hebei Yiheng Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as “Yiheng Tech”) held a tug of war, billiards, table tennis, CS and a series of sports competitions. All employees participated in the competitions. In this Activity, Management Team, Departments and workshops staffs took mixed group competition. More than 300 employees were participating in high passion, tenacious struggle!

Especially in the team competition, each Group has been full of harvest and record numerous after several rounds of competition.

The Activity demonstrated the Spirits of Yiheng staffs’ hard work, never give up, united as one, management leadership and grass-roots staffs worked together. The competition has demonstrated strong strength of the Team.

Yiheng Tech focus on building the influence of Corporate Culture, and actively shape the harmonious internal environment of enterprises. Especially in the winter season, also offers warm-hearted activities for the staffs so that all Yiheng People are more unity and jointly promote the company's long-term development!