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Jan 18, 2016, Hebei Yiheng Tech shares in the national SME transfer system successfully listed, since sounded the landing of the capital market. (The stock abbreviation: Yiheng Tech, stock code: 835560)

Since the company was founded in 2000, has been committed to research and development, production of solar panel assembly line equipment, after 15 years of innovation and development, has become the most reliable equipment suppliers of solar PV panel manufacturing Equipment in the world.

It was successfully listed in the stock transfer system, means that the company entered into a benign track of standardized development, it is the first step for Yiheng tech entering into the capital market, it is an important milestone in the history of development. We believe that with leaders at all levels of care, Friends of the strong support, Yiheng Tech will be listed as an opportunity to return to more high-quality products and services to the community, with a more outstanding performance return shareholders.

All people in Yiheng will use this opportunity as a new starting for the struggle to open a new journey!